Mini Paint & Brush Kit

Mini Paint & Brush Kit


Includes a Medium Flat Brush, and Small Round Liner Brush, as well as 6 different acrylic paint colors to cover your canvas in resealable and resuable paint pots! Choose Realistic colors for a classic pet portrait look, or go with Rainbow for a funky, fun, and colorful version of your pet!

  • Your colors are Customizable!

    Once you've placed your order, send over your desired colors via email to If we don't hear from you within a few days of your purchase, we will reach out.


    If you purchased a pre-sketched canvas and have selected Realistic, we will give you the colors needed based off your pet photo, and all we ask is you send over your desired background color along with your photo.


    If you selected Rainbow, we will send you yellow, green, red, blue, black, and white. You will be able to mix orange and purple easilly. If you know you have a preference on the color scheme (warm colors only, cool colors only, purple, blue and teal, etc.) please include that info in your email. 



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