Making Dreams Come True

Aubrie founded Heartworks in 2018, shortly after returning to her hometown to be close to her beloved family. Her intention is to share all that she has learned from her years of teaching art, world traveling, and many spiritual and personal development workshops with the good people of Houston, Texas. 


It's all about the journey! Aubrie has learned that creating and expressing oneself feels best when it comes from your heart and soul, with love and acceptance -
no matter what! 

Aubrie Williams
Founder & Creative Director

Create the Things You Wish Existed

Matthew is a highly trained team leader and program coordinator, with a diverse background. He has experience with marketing, sales, general contracting, and personal development programs.  And, he holds a Bachelors of Business Arts from the University of Houston, majoring in Marketing & Entrepreneurship.

Matthew met Aubrie in 2018 and fell in love. He is continually inspired by what she is providing people through Heartworks and happy to create with her!

Matthew Woodhill
Operations Director